Social Themes - Strangers

I Am a Bird

Hope Lim and Hyewon Yum


Garlic and the Vampire

Bree Paulsen


How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends?

Jane Yolen and Mark Teague



Katherine Battersby


Never Talk to Strangers

Irma Joyce and George Buckett


I Do Not Like Yolanda

Zoey Abbott


Chicken Little and the Big Bad Wolf

Sam Wedelich


Yo! Yes?

Chris Raschka and Chris Raschka


I'm Not Scared... I'm Prepared!: Because I Know All about Alice

Julia Cook and Michelle Hazelwood Hyde


A Stranger Comes to Town

Maria Kristjansdottir


Smarter Than the Scoopers: Keeping Your Child Safe from...

Julia Cook and Allison Valentine


Once I Was a Bear

Irene Luxbacher


Baby Shark . . . The Big Adventure

Donald Kasen and David Van Hooser


Ronnie the Rhino

Whitney CarriΓ³n and Morgan Meschede


The Stranger and the Red Rooster/El Forastero Y El Gallo Rojo

Victor Villasenor and Jose Jara


The Savvy Cyber Kids at Home: Adventures Beyond the Screen

Ben Halpert and Taylor Southerland


Beyond Repair

Lois Peterson


Knocks in the Night

Tilde Michels and Reinhard Michl


Bossy Mossy Meets a Stranger

Anndora S. Davidson


He Sounds Like a Good Boy: A Digital Cautionary Tale

Osa Amen and Abie Amen



Tania Unsworth