Social Themes - Drugs, Alcohol, Substance Abuse

The Secret of Willow Ridge: Gabe's Dad Finds Recovery

Helen H. Moore and John C Blackford


The Reluctant Geek: A Fable

H J Wiltse


Under the Shadow of Privilege: A Real Life Case

Daniel Guerra and Ann a. Guerra


Between the Raindrops

Sydney Logan


Denied Emotions: Find Your Inner Peace

Gary Gordon Milner


Blood, Blood Everywhere

Elias Zapple and Reimarie Cabalu


My Dad Smells Funny

Susan K. Jensen


#drug (Russian Edition)

I. D. Oro


The Caffeinated Squirrel

Gwyneth Jane Page and Emily Jane


Dunam Prep Complete Series: Books 1-4 Plus a Bonus Short Story

Lux Carmine and Roxie Wilder


Real as It Gets

ReShonda Tate Billingsley


The Arrival #1

Corey Oaneill and Laura Mitchell


Gladiator Island (Set)

Corey O'Neill and Laura Mitchell



Jodi Lundgren


Trouble in the Hills

Helaine Becker


Underneath It All

Patricia Vanasse


Broken Dreams

Amanda Hyde


The Isolated Social

Rob a. Bayard


Rock Bottom

Jamie Canosa


Psi Another Day

D. R. Rosensteel


Drugs and Other Dumb Things: Jimmy's Story

M. S. W. Lawrance Cutright


The Coffee Monster

Nate Friedman and Saba Bushnaq



Valerie Sherrard