Social Themes - Drugs, Alcohol, Substance Abuse

The Creatures #3

Corey O'Neill



Jorge Parada and Jorge Parada Armada



Jorge Parada


Death of a Gangster, Rise of a Young Thug

Kenneth Dorsey


32 Seconds

Johanna K. Pitcairn and Jenny Zemanek


We're Not Saints

Kate Laughery


Why Does My Daddy Drink

Pamela J. Tomlinson


Stephanie: One.Life.Lived.

Melissa Service


#Drug (Nederlandse editie)

I. D. Oro


Fast Girls at Finley High

Keith Thomas Walker


This Side of Forever

Jo Chandler



Amy Bright


Dancing with Molly

Lena Horowitz


Dragon Bill: & Friends

Mrs Virginia Echols Harrison and Peggy Riley


Last Summer

Rebecca A Rogers



Randi Reisfeld


#drug (Edicao Em Portugues)

I. D. Oro


So Many Secrets

Gretchen Van Kleef



Brent R. Sherrard


Good Night, Grace

Lynn Egan and Sarah W. Gaer



James Preller


The Depth Of Snow

Galand Nuchols


Danny Redhead So What! God Made Me Different

Michelle D. Jordan


Where Did Mommy Go?

Kandace Marugg