Social Themes - Drugs, Alcohol, Substance Abuse

The Triangle #4

Corey O'Neill



Amy Reed


Death of a Gangster, Rise of a Young Thug

Kenneth Dorsey



Sandra Glover


Burn Girl

Mandy Mikulencak


No Problem

Dayle Campbell Gaetz


RX (Reissue)

Tracy Lynn


Stinky Steve Explains Casual Cannabis: An Educational...

Maggie Volpo and Mauricio J. Flores



Jeri Smith-Ready



Peg Kehret


Sparrow Road

Sheila O'Connor


What's That Weed?

Russ Hudson and Avijit Bhowmick



Mindi Scott


The Gospel of Winter

Brendan Kiely


Coup de Soleil

Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm


Long Live The Suicide King

Aaron Michael Ritchey


He Was My Hero, Too

Jerald L. Hoover


A Song For Bill Robinson

Chantelle Atkins


Good Night, Grace

Lynn Egan and Sarah W. Gaer


The Brown Bottle

Penny Jones


Blood-N-Blood Out: Loyalty Means Everything

Jr. Elbert T. David


The Depth Of Snow

Galand Nuchols


Carly Shares Her Story

Morgan Carew, Eve Collins, et al.


Emerald City Series: Jack the Raven

Mende Smith