Religious - Christian - Friendship

Ollie and Friends: Lola's New Wheels

Loribeth Grunder


The Push

Patrick Gray, Matt Waresak, et al.


The Watcher

Nikki Grimes and Bryan Collier


Beach Kids

Jordan M. Beecan


Growing Up With Frankie

Patrice Lorick


Solomon Snail Goes To The Beach

Caroleann Rice and Charles Berton


The Lonely Locust

Kelly Luelf


Snow for Everyone!

Antonie Schneider and Pei Yu Chang


That Time I Got Kidnapped

Tom Mitchell


Dog Show Disaster

Mia Robertson and Missy Robertson


Crazy Little Shadow

Virginia LeBlanc Baker and Dana LeBlanc Corvino


The Courage of a Lion

April-Noel Bailey Marshall


Terry The Tired Turtle

Bethany Page


You Don't Belong Here

Sean O'Toole and Pamela Nicosia


Riley Mae and the Rock Shocker Trek

Jill Osborne


The Day I Met My Best Friend: A Children's Book On Overcoming...

Sarah Beliza Tucker and Adam Ihle


Celery Brown and the angel's song

Karen Rosario Ingerslev