Sports & Recreation - Winter Sports

a la Peche Avec Grand-Maman

Maren Vsetula, Susan Avingaq, et al.


Golden Girl

Mari Mancusi


Skeeter, the Ski Bunny

Elizabeth Scherer


Lahna Loves Winter Activities

Tracilyn George


The Ex Games

Jennifer Echols


Peg + Cat: The Penguin Problem

Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson


Lucy Tries Luge

Lisa Bowes and James Hearne


Cookie Cutters & Sled Runners

Natalie Rompella


Yukon Sled Dog

Judith Janda Presnall and Mark Elliot


Let's Go, Snow!

Eleanor May and Cory Pillo


Sammy Star and Mt. Marshmallow

Kim A. Nasr


Snowboard Showdown

Matt Christopher


Edith Loves the Winter Olympics

Tracilyn George


Aaron Is Cool

P. D. Eastman


Our First Caribou Hunt

Jennifer Noah, Chris Giroux, et al.


The Mystery of the Stolen Snowboard

Tim Jessell


The Wildlife Winter Games

Ben Clifford and Richard Turner


I'm a Figure Skater!

Sue Fliess and Nina Mata


Lucy Fait Du Patinage de Vitesse

Lisa Bowes and James Hearne


Semana Blanca

Natalia Freire


Getting in the Game

Dawn Fitzgerald



Norah McClintock