Sports & Recreation - Water Sports

Have You Ever Seen a Star in the Sea?

Carmella Nocco and Samantha Paxton


Dive Right in

Matt Christopher


The Emerald Berries: #2

Poppy Green


The Tide is Coming In

Calee M. Lee and Joanna Czernichowska


In the Waves

Lennon Stella, Maisy Stella, et al.


Water Baby Goes Boarding

Barbara Collins


Bernida: A Michigan Sailing Legend

Tom Ervin, Al Declercq, et al.


Big Dog and Little Dog Go Sailing

Selina Young


After All, You're Callie Boone

Winnie Mack


Dude: Fun with Dude and Betty

Lisa Pliscou and Tom Dunne


Binky the Mermaid: The Fin-tastic Race

Kamiesha Anderson-Wieder and Izzy Bean


Shark Attack!: A Survive! Story

Jake Maddox and Sean Tiffany


Out of Synch

Warren Firschein



Katherine Noll and Tracey West


Jay's Swimming Journey: How One Little Swimmer Learned to Pay...

Elli Overton and Jonathan Horstmann


Kiko the Hawaiian Wave

Beth Navarro and Cami Abel


Surf Mules

G. Neri


Sebi Gets Barreled

Jesse Hines


Gracie Laroo Sets Sail

Marsha Qualey and Kristyna Litten


Liam the Lion: An Inspirational Story of a Boy's Struggles...

Nick Baker and Natalya Pilavci


Indi Surfs

Chris Gorman