People & Places - Canada - Native Canadian

Elijah's Super Halloween: Bilingual Inuktitut and English...

Heather Main and Jazmine Gubbe


La Terre Me Parle: Un Livre Sur Les Saisons

Brittany Luby and Joshua Mangeshig Pawis-Steckley


Peekaboo! Nanuq and Nuka Look for Colours: Bilingual...

Rachel Rupke and Ali Hinch


The Bee

Becky Han and Tindur Peturs


Sweetest Kulu (Inuktitut) (Inuktitut)

Celina Kalluk and Alexandria Neonakis


Skraelings (Inuktitut): Clashes in the Old Arctic

Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley, Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley, et al.


?trang?re Chez Moi: Une Histoire Vraie

Margaret Pokiak-Fenton, Christy Jordan-Fenton, et al.


What Happened on the Bloodvein

Matthew Tetreault


Stories of Survival and Revenge (Inuktitut): From Inuit Folklore

Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley, Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley, et al.


Hurry Up, Ilua!

Nola Hicks and Nola Hicks


Am I Really Inuk?

Noah Noah and Charlotte Karetak


Out on the Ice (English)

Jenna Bailey and Amanda Sandland


Un Raconte-Moi Une Histoire: Un Ours Pour Dรฉjeuner! / Makwa...

Robert Munsch and Jay Odjick


Little Wolf

Teoni Spathelfer and Natassia Davies


Katiktaak and Kaviksaak

Eelonqa K. Harris


Nuliajuk: English Edition

Knud Rasmussen and Lenny Lishchenko


Helping My Grandfather: English Edition

Maren Vsetula and Luke Coleman


I Am Eating: Bilingual Inuktitut and English Edition

Inhabit Education and Lenny Lishchenko


Trip to the Moon (English/Inuktitut)

Vera Evic


Hope's Journey

Jean Rae Baxter


Jon's Tricky Journey: A Story for Inuit Children with Cancer...

Patricia McCarthy and Hwei Lim


Corneille Arc-En-Ciel: Nagweyaabi-Aandeg

David Bouchard and David Jean


Learning to Carve Argillite, Volume 2

Robert Davidson, Sara Florence Davidson, et al.


Let's Eat Bannock!: English Edition

Masiana Kelly