People & Places - Canada - General Books

Carson Crosses Canada

Linda Bailey and Kass Reich


Brown: The Many Shades of Love

Nancy Johnson James and Constance Moore


Tug: A Log Boom's Journey

Scot Ritchie


The Rare, Tiny Flower

Kitty O'Meara and Quim Torres


Santa's Sleigh Is on Its Way to New Jersey: A Christmas...

Eric James and Robert Dunn


Cindy Is My Name, First Horse Ever

Basil Robert Oickle and Jupiter's Muse


The Colours of Canada

Medina Assiff


Badir and the Beaver

Shannon Stewart


I's the B'y: The Beloved Folk Song

Lauren Soloy


Anne of Green Gables

Greg Paprocki


A Postcard from Canada

Laurie Friedman and Roberta Ravasio


Town Is by the Sea

Joanne Schwartz and Sydney Smith


What Spring Will Bring

Amanda Baniuk


Gulf Islands Alphabet

Bronwyn Preece and Alex Walton



Kristin Butcher


Der Tanz der Schnee-Traktoren

Siena and Shannon Wilvers


Survival in the Wilderness

Steven Otfinoski and James Bernardin


The Ferryboat Ride

Robert Perry and Greta Guzek


Canada ABC

Paul Covello


Earl's World: Great Canadian Culinary Adventures

Robin Renaud and Pauline Ryzebol


The Three Canadian Pigs: A Hockey Story

Jocelyn Watkinson and Marcus Cutler


Una Postal Desde Canadá

Laurie Friedman and Roberta Ravasio


Lilliana and the Frogs

Scot Ritchie