Law & Crime

Hazelnut Days

Emmanuel Bourdier and Zau


Little Peach

Peggy Kern


The Crims: Down with the Crims!

Kate Davies


Justice (Lawless #2)

Jeffrey Salane


The Big Stink

Lucy Freegard


Catch That Crook! (Bound for Schools & Libraries)

Michael Anthony Steele and Sean Wang


Zero Tolerance

Claudia Mills


Officer Pete

Ruth Wielockx


The Purloined Letter

Edgar Allan Poe


Our Moms

Q. Futrell


The Mona Lisa Caper

Rick Jacobson and Laura Fernandez


Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer

T. S. Eliot and Arthur Robins


Catwoman's Halloween Heist

Eric Fein and Erik Doescher


The Case of the Ruined Ram, Volume 4

David Lewman


Our Police

Jack E Levin


The Lemonade Crime Lib/E

Jacqueline Davies


Out of Season

Kari Jones



Vicki Grant


Danger Overseas, Volume 2

Carolyn Keene and Franklin W. Dixon


Cop's Night Before Christmas

Michael Harrison and David Miles