Historical - United States - General

Train Wreck: Kansas, 1892

Kathleen Duey and Karen A. Bale


Cat O'Nine Tails

Julia Golding


Gifts from the Sea

Natalie Kinsey-Warnock and Judy Pederson


Flaming Arrows (1-Simul)

William O Steele


My Name Is Not Friday

Jon Walter


The Flight of the Union

Tekla White and Ralph L. Ramstad


The Eagle's Quill

Sarah L. Thomson


Trouble the Water (Bound for Schools & Libraries)

Frances O'Roark Dowell


The Aviary

Kathleen O'Dell


Tricking the Tallyman

Jacqueline Davies and S. D. Schindler


The Proposal

Catherine Marshall


Christy's Choice

Catherine Marshall



Donald Crews


Window of Time: A Story

Karen Weinberg, Karen Weinburg, et al.


Chasing George Washington

Kennedy Center the and Ard Hoyt


Benjamin Franklinstein Meets the Fright Brothers

Matthew McElligott, Larry David Tuxbury, et al.


The Battle of New Orleans: The Drummer's Story

Freddi Evans and Emile Henriquez


Katerina's Wish

Jeannie Mobley


Being Teddy Roosevelt: A Boy, a President and a Plan

Claudia Mills and R. W. Alley


Wilhelm's Journey

Anke Bar


Abe Lincoln's Dream

Lane Smith


Un Día En El Museo (a Day at the Museum)

Christine Platt and Sharon Sordo


Bonnie In-Between

Linda L. Osmundson