Historical - United States - General

Nettie's Trip South

Ann Turner and Ronald Himler


Thanksgiving on Plymouth Plantation

Diane Stanley and Holly Berry


Dakota Dugout

Ann Turner and Ronald Himler


Disney's Dream, 2

Stacia Deutsch, Rhody Cohon, et al.


Beyond the Bean Bag

Rosie Hernandez and Rebecca Sampson


Washington's War, 7

Rhody Cohon, Stacia Deutsch, et al.


Mr. Lincoln's Drummer

G. Clifton Wisler


Gift Horse: A Lakota Story

S. D. Nelson


Imogene's Last Stand

Candace Fleming and Nancy Carpenter


When War Knocks

Kristine Kivisto


Oh Say, I Can't See #15

Jon Scieszka and Adam McCauley


The Village Blacksmith

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and G. Brian Karas


As an Oak Tree Grows

G. Brian Karas and G. Brian Karas


Marven of the Great North Woods

Kathryn Lasky and Kevin Hawkes


The Case of the Missing Blankie: The Owl and Officer Smitty

Carrie Heflin and Laura Brenlla


Hail to the Chief

Callista Gingrich and Susan Arciero


Ben Franklin's in My Bathroom!

Candace Fleming and Mark Fearing


Kay's Story, 1934, 6

Adele Whitby


Flaming Arrows

William O. Steele


Gods of Manhattan

Scott Mebus


A Thousand Never Evers

Shana Burg