Historical - United States - General

Ten Mile Road

Fredna Wilkeslene DeCarlo


The Adventures of Miles K. Lometer: Adventure 1: The States...

Melinda Eckell and Amanda Schechtman


The Fearful Little Flag

Drew K. Meiers


The Snow Walker (CD)

Margaret K. Wetterer Wetterer and Mary O'Keefe Young


The Mouse in the White House

Theo Bear


Treasure in the Woods

Stephen L Doll


Battle of the Alamo: You Are There

Bryce Milligan and Charles D. Shaw


The Winter Hero

James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier


Baxter's Journey to New York City

Kerry Rogers O'Loughlin and Danny And Meghan O'Loughlin


The Struggles of Johnny Cannon

Isaiah Campbell


Sewing Quilts

Ann Turner and Thomas B. Allen


The Day the Oil Took My Beach Away

Pamla Hoggatt


Major League Presidents

David Langston and Jorry Keith


A Place of Refuge

Renae B. Vander Schaaf


Carolina's Secret

Sharon F Laborde


Harry I Was?!

Patriots Point Education Department


The Soldier Boy's Discovery, Volume 4

Gilbert Morris


Annie Henry and the Birth of Liberty

Susan Olasky