Legends, Myths, Fables - Native American

The Raven and the Loon

Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley, Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley, et al.


Race to the Sun

Rebecca Roanhorse


I Sang You Down from the Stars

Tasha Spillett-Sumner and Michaela Goade


Healer of the Water Monster

Brian Young


The Barren Grounds: The Misewa Saga, Book One

David A. Robertson


The Spirit of the Sea

Rebecca Hainnu and Hwei Lim


The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush

Tomie dePaola


The Great Bear: The Misewa Saga, Book Two

David A. Robertson


Native American Night Before Christmas

Gary Robinson and Jesse T. Hummingbird


Waa'aka': The Bird Who Fell in Love with the Sun

Cindi Alvitre and Carly Lake


Chia and the Fox Man: An Alaskan Dena'ina Fable

Mindy Dwyer


Hiiaka Battles the Wind

Gabrielle Ahulii and Jing Jing Tsong


Grandmother Ptarmigan

Joanne Schwartz, Qaunaq Mikkigak, et al.


NAPI & The Wolves: Level 2 Reader

Jason Eaglespeaker


The Princess and the Warrior: A Tale of Two Volcanoes

Duncan Tonatiuh


The First Fire: A Cherokee Story

Brad Wagnon and Alex Stephenson


The Circle of Caring and Sharing

Theresa Corky Larsen-Jonasson and Jessika Von Innerebner


Sila and the Land

Ariana Roundpoint, Shelby Angalik, et al.


Orca Chief

Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd


Viborita de Cascabel/Baby Rattlesnake

Te Ata, Lynn Moroney, et al.


The Native American Story Book Stories of the American...

G. W. Mullins and C. L. Hause


Maui Hooks the Islands

Gabrielle Ahulii and Jing Jing Tsong