Fairy Tales & Folklore - Adaptations

The Lion and the Mouse

Anni Axworthy


Snow White and the Enormous Turnip

Hilary Robinson


My Kingdom for a Quest

Kendra E. Ardnek


The Sagebrush Singers

Herb Kernecker and James Watts


Traditional Fairy Tales: Eight Exciting Picture Stories for...

Nicola Baxter and Jo Parry


Jack and the Bean Pie

Laura North and Mike Phillips


The Princess and the Frozen Peas

Laura North and Joelle Dreidemy


Hansel, Gretel, and the Ugly Duckling

Hilary Robinson and Simona Sanfilippo


The Big Bad Wolf and the Robot Pig

Laura North and Kevin Cross


Atone: A Fairytale

Jessica Grey


Magical Reboots: Rapunzel

Christine Dzidrums


Cinderella's Story

Mandy Horning


Whatever Happened to Thumbelina?

Cecilia Egan and Dianne Vanderee


Rainbow Magic

Shirley Barber


The Dragon's Call

K. W. McCabe and Niina C


The Story of Paul Bunyan

Barbara Emberley


Patience in Wonder Meadow: A Modern Fable

Peter Abeln, John Abeln, et al.


Aina's Revenge

Pam Nastali