Animals - Foxes

Ferdinand Fox's Big Sleep Colouring Book

Karen Inglis and Damir Kundalic


Ferdinand Fox's First Summer

Mary Holland


The Tale of Tommy Fox

Arthur Scott Bailey


Fox in a Trap

Jane Resh Thomas


Tinsey Clover

Chelsea Walker Flagg


The Bolds in Trouble

Julian Clary and David Roberts


The Lazy Rabbit: A Grim Modern Fable About Laziness With A...

Wilkie J. Martin and Tanja Russita


Fluffy, the little fox: And the search for sleep

Timo Pekx and Christoph Horak


Wild Animals I Have Known (Graphyco Editions)

Ernest Thompson Seton


Darling Hedgehog: Goes Down a Foxhole

Auralee Arkinsly and Julia Swezy


The Fox and the Grapes

Blake Hoena and Beth Hughes



Michael Lahanis


The Watermelon Party

Pam Stone


Foxes with Boxes

Daniel Keane


How to Make a Wish

Zoe Saunders


Little Fox Goes to the End of the World

Ann Tompert and Laura J. Bryant


Go Home, Little One!

Cate James


Fox and Hen Together

Beatrice Rodriguez



Thereza Rowe


Old Granny Fox

Thornton W. Burgess


The Chicken Thief