Inspirational & Personal Growth

Mindful Me: I Am Calm

Roger Priddy



Abby Wambach


What Feelings Do When No One's Looking

Tina Oziewicz and Aleksandra Zajac


I Affirm Me: The ABCs of Inspiration for Black Kids

Nyasha Williams and Sóf'ya Glushkó


The School of Life: The Book of Me: A Children's Journal of...

Life of School the and Ben Javens


Make Your Own Money: How Kids Can Earn It, Save It, Spend It,...

Ty Allan Jackson and Nicole Miles


Zion Unmatched

James S. Hirsch and Zion Clark


Hope Wins: A Collection of Inspiring Stories for Young Readers

Tom Angleberger, J. C. Cervantes, et al.


I Am Okay to Feel

Karamo Brown, Jason Rachel Brown, et al.


Rbg's Brave & Brilliant Women: 33 Jewish Women to Inspire...

Nadine Epstein and Bee Johnson


The Christmas Mitzvah

Jeff Gottesfeld and Michelle Laurentia Agatha


ABC of Feelings

Bonnie Lui


Angry Ninja: A Children's Book About Fighting and Managing Anger

Mary Nhin, Grow Grit Press, et al.


I Am a Force of Nature

Carolyn Kanjuro and Alexander Vidal


You Can Be ABCs

Robert Samuel White and Robert Paul


Gritty Ninja: A Children's Book About Dealing with...

Mary Nhin, Grow Grit Press, et al.


Calm Ninja: A Children's Book About Calming Your Anxiety...

Mary Nhin, Grow Grit Press, et al.


ABC's of Climbing - For Kids

Larry Daugherty and Rahul Roy


100 Days of Adventure: Nature Activities, Creative Projects,...

Greta Eskridge and Emily Paik


Yo amo mi pajón

Lissarette Nisnevich


We Need Everyone

Michael Redhead Champagne and Tiff Bartel