Diversity & Multicultural Books

Our Skin: A First Conversation about Race

Megan Madison, Jessica Ralli, et al.


My Heart Beats

Rina Singh


We Move Together

Kelly Fritsch, Anne McGuire, et al.


The 1619 Project: Born on the Water

Renée Watson, Nikole Hannah-Jones, et al.


True You: A Gender Journey

Gwen Agna and Shelley Rotner


I Color Myself Different

Colin Kaepernick and Eric Wilkerson


The Antiracist Kid: A Book about Identity, Justice, and Activism

Tiffany Jewell and Nicole Miles


My Art Book of Love

Shana Gozansky


How We Eat

Shuli de la Fuente-Lau


We Are Gems: Healing from Anti-Asian Microaggressions through...

Ko Kim, Christine Yoon, et al.


Where We Come from

Shannon Gibney, John Coy, et al.


Singing/Cantando de Colores: A Bilingual Book Of Harmony

Patty Rodriguez, Ariana Stein, et al.


History Smashers: The Underground Railroad

Gwendolyn Hooks, Kate Messner, et al.


My Own Way: Celebrating Gender Freedom for Kids

Joana Estrela and Jay Hulme


My Art Book of Friendship

Shana Gozansky


We Are Little Feminists: On-The-Go

Archaa Shrivastav and Brook Sitgraves Turner


We Are Little Feminists Board Book Set

Brook Sitgraves Turner and Archaa Shrivastav


Brown Baby Jesus: A Picture Book

Dorena Williamson and Ronique Ellis


An ABC of Equality

Chana Ginelle Ewing and Paulina Morgan


The Barefoot Book of Children

Tessa Strickland, Kate Depalma, et al.