Sports & Recreation - Water Sports Books

Swimming Toward a Dream: Yusra Mardini's Incredible Journey...

Reem Faruqi and Asma Enayeh


Sarah and the Big Wave: The True Story of the First Woman to...

Bonnie Tsui and Sophie Diao


Quinito's Neighborhood / El Vecindario de Quinito

Ina Cumpiano and José Ramírez


Archie the Bear - The Beach Adventure: A Beautifully...

Rom Nelson and Svetlana Leshukova


The Mermaids of Jamaica

Claudia Bellante and Herikita


Surfer of the Century: The Life of Duke Kahanamoku

Ellen Crowe and Richard Waldrep


The ABCs of Swimming

Joe McEvoy, Kelly McKesten, et al.


Splash!: Ethelda Bleibtrey Makes Waves of Change

Elisa Boxer and Elizabeth Baddeley


Beckett Beaver Learns About Pool Safety

Lauren Kelley and Emmy Mitchell


Olympic Swimming and Diving Legends

Martin Gitlin


Who Is Katie Ledecky?

James Buckley, Who Hq, et al.


Duke Kahanamoku

Laurie Calkhoven and Stevie Lewis


Freshwater Fishing

Diane Lindsey Reeves