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All-Star Activity Book

The Editors of Sports Illustrated Kids


Just Joking Sports

National Kids


Play Time

Anthony Lewis


Football's Sickest Sacks!

Shawn Pryor


Pet Records

Michelle Harris and Julie Beer


Basketball's Most Ridonkulous Dunks!

Shawn Pryor


Dinos vs. Machines: Showdowns That Defy the Ages! You Decide...

Eric Geron and Mat Edwards


Naomi Osaka

Mary Hertz Scarbrough


All-Star Goofball Trivia: Weird and Wild Sports Trivia

Shane Frederick, Megan Cooley Peterson, et al.


Ready, Set, Go!: Sports of All Sorts

Celeste Cortright and Christiane Engel


Big Book of Who All-Stars

The Editors of Sports Illustrated Kids


Hockey's Wickedest Goals!

Matt Doeden



Kieran Downs


Soaring Soren: When French Bulldogs Fly

Deborah Stevenson, Morgan Spicer, et al.


When I Feel: Easy Yoga for Big Feelings

Kathy Beliveau and Julie McLaughlin


National Geographic Kids Extreme Records

Julie Beer and Michelle Harris


The Sports Kids Crime Fighters: The Out-of-Towners

Reginal Jackson and Irfan Budi


Paying College Athletes

Gail Terp