Social Topics - Violence

A Day with a Doctor

James Jr. Buckley


Let's Talk about When You Have Stitches

Melanie Ann Apel


Megan's Magic Glasses

Judi L. Sterne



Debra A Miller



Jenny MacKay


Los Farmaceuticos = Pharmacists

Robert James and R James



Larry Gerber


Punishment and Slavery

William Anthony


The Little Volcano Inside

Ayala Moldawsky and Dror Adam


Peace on Earth: A Child's Book of Poems and Prayers for Peace

Sophie Piper and Giuliano Ferri


Wer ist hier das Opfer?!

Johannes Ellersdorfer


Branches of Hope: The 9/11 Survivor Tree

Ann Magee and Nicole Wong


School Violence: Current Issues

Peggy J Parks


Family Violence