Social Topics - Violence

Defeating School Violence

Kathy Furgang



James Bow


Monkey's Fist

Jerry Vogler


Mass Shootings

Andrea C. Nakaya


Guns! Guns! Guns!: A Kid's Guide to Gun Safety.

Dr Cheryl Anderson and Patrick Carlson




Terrorism and Extremism

Grace Jones


Ariel's First Time at the Dentist

Rebecca S. Manzo


Working Together Against Violence Against Women

Aliza Pilar Sherman and A Sherman


The Newtown School Shooting

Lisa Owings


Violent Video Games

Roman Espejo


Domestic Violence


Terrorist Attacks: Current Issues

Lauri S Friedman


Teen Violence

Carla Mooney


Living in a Violent Household

Laura La Bella


Weapons of War





Sylvia Engdahl