Social Topics - General (see also headings under Family)

Waldfee Wilma: Ein Zuhause fΓΌr Yara und Feli

Carolin Jenkner-Kruel


Mixed Heritage




Every Kid's Guide to Living Your Best Life: Discover What...

Thea Zitzow, Sara Fritz, et al.


Human Trafficking


Slavery Today




Lets Talk Lib



Laura K. Egendorf


Women's Rights


Buster Henry's World of Words

Icon Graphic Design, Nigel Hart, et al.


Taking Action Against Internet Crime

Sarah Levete


What If I Were . . .

Neal Amarnani



Gemma McMullen


Real Life Issues

Charlotte Guillain, Liz Miles, et al.


Teen Issues

Cath Senker and Lori Elizabeth Hile


Helping Animals

Victoria Parker


The Story Behind Silk

Ann Weil


Street Art

Adam Sutherland