Social Topics - General (see also headings under Family)

A Twist of Fate

Laurie Friedman and Natasha Shaloshvili


If You Had to Choose, What Would You Do?

Sandra McLeod Humphrey


The Debate about School Uniforms

Rachel Seigel


Why Am I Different?

Norma Simon and Dora Leder


Humane Society

Katie Marsico


We All Come from Different Cultures

Melissa Higgins


Rolling Into Peace: Speaking in Green

Erica D. Babino and Robinson Pyles


Perfectly You

Julia V. Taylor and Phillip W. Rodgers


Defining and Discussing Women's Rights

Christy Mihaly


Defining and Discussing Free Speech

Christy Mihaly


Dear Mrs. Parks

Rosa Parks


We Are Alike, We Are Different

Janice Behrens


Understanding Screen Addiction

Renae Gilles


Understanding Obesity

Matt Chandler


Princess Affirmations

Tempestt Aisha


Places I Go

Nick Rebman


Affirmations for a Young King

Tempestt Aisha


What Would JeeMin Do?

Matthew Brown and Lori Brown