Science & Nature - Earth Sciences - General

A Brief History of Life on Earth

Clemence DuPont


All about Crystals (a True Book: Digging in Geology):...

Scholastic, Libby Romero, et al.



Keli Sipperley


All about Rocks (a True Book: Digging in Geology):...

Alessandra Potenza and Gary LaCoste


All about Minerals (a True Book: Digging in Geology):...

Scholastic, Cody Crane, et al.


Our Earth

Anne Rockwell


How Do Wind and Water Change Earth?

Natalie Hyde


My First Book about Our Amazing Earth

Donald M. Silver and Patricia J. Wynne


Avalanches (a True Book: Extreme Earth)

Steven Otfinoski


Minnesota's Hidden Alphabet


The Kid's Guide to Exploring Nature

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Educators and LΓ‘szlΓ³ Veres


Clean Water in Infographics

Renae Gilles



Tamra B. Orr


Invasive Species in Infographics

Renae Gilles


Understanding Weather

Megan Cooley Peterson


Let's Walk to School

Deborah Chancellor and Diane Ewen


Grow It!

Mary Boone


Hola, Dominican Republic

Meghan Gottschall


My First Science Book

Jacqueline McCann and Samantha Meredith