People & Places - General

DK Readers L3: School Days Around the World

Catherine Chambers


The Seven Continents

Wil Mara


Jobs People Do

Thea Feldman


10 True Tales: Young Civil Rights Heroes

Allan Zullo


City Atlas: Travel the World with 30 City Maps

Georgia Cherry and Martin Haake


One World, One Day

Barbara Kerley


Making It Right: Building Peace, Settling Conflict

Marilee Peters


This Child, Every Child: A Book about the World's Children

David J. Smith and Shelagh Armstrong


The Story of People: A First Book about Humankind

Catherine Barr, Steve Williams, et al.



David Long and Kerry Hyndman


Ours to Share: Coexisting in a Crowded World

Kari Jones


Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest

Steve Jenkins


Homes in Many Cultures

Heather Adamson


Holidays Around the World

Wil Mara


Climate Change, the Choice Is Ours: The Facts, Our Future,...

David Miles and Albert Pinilla


Maze Hop: Around the World

Anna Brett and Tom Woolley