Science & Nature - Fossils

Dinosaur Lady: The Daring Discoveries of Mary Anning, the...

Linda Skeers and Marta Álvarez Miguéns


Fly Guy Presents: Dinosaurs

Tedd Arnold and Tedd Arnold


Nerdy Babies: Dinosaurs

Emmy Kastner


Discovery: Rumble with the Dinosaurs!

Thea Feldman


Grand Canyon

Jason Chin


Dino Dana: Dino Field Guide (Dinosaurs for Kids, Science Book...

J. J. Johnson, Colleen Russo Johnson, et al.


Ultimate Spotlight: Dinosaurs

Sandra Laboucarie and Deborah Pinto


Dinosaurs: Fact and Fable

Seymour Simon


What If You Had T. Rex Teeth?: And Other Dinosaur Parts

Sandra Markle and Howard McWilliam


Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures: Step Into a Prehistoric World

Emily Hawkins and Lucy Letherland


Dinosaurs Roar: Lift-The-Flap and Discover

Steve Jenkins


Fossil Huntress: Mary Leakey, Paleontologist

Andi Diehn and Katie Mazeika


Uncover a T.Rex

Dennis Schatz, Davide Bonadonna, et al.


DK Eyewitness Books: Fossil



Little Leonardo's Fascinating World Math

Bob Cooper and Greg Paprocki


Charlotte's Bones: The Beluga Whale in a Farmer's Field

Erin Rounds and Alison Carver


Dino Dana: Dino Field Guide: Pterosaurs and Other Prehistoric...

J. J. Johnson, Colleen Russo Johnson, et al.


Mega Rex: A Tyrannosaurus Named Scotty

W. Scott Persons and Beth Zaiken


Fossils Tell of Long Ago

Aliki and Aliki


What Was the Age of the Dinosaurs?

Megan Stine, Who Hq, et al.


Here We Go Digging for Dinosaur Bones

Susan Lendroth and Bob Kolar