Science & Nature - Trees & Forests

The Tree Book for Kids and Their Grown-Ups

Gina Ingoglia


The Magic and Mystery of Trees

Jen Green and Claire McElfatrick



Jason Chin and Jason Chin


Rain Forests: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House #6:...

Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca, et al.


Hidden World: Forest

Libby Walden and Stephanie Fizer Coleman


Seed to Plant

Kristin Rattini


Look What I Found in the Woods

Moira Butterfield and Jesus Verona


How a Seed Grows

Helene J. Jordan and Loretta Krupinski


Lost on a Mountain in Maine

Joseph Egan and Donn Fendler


Every Tree Has a Story

CΓ©cile Benoist and Charlotte Gaustaut


Before We Stood Tall: From Small Seed to Mighty Tree

Jessica Kulekjian and Madeline Kloepper


Fungus Is Among Us!

Joy Keller and Erica Salcedo


Trees, Leaves & Bark

Diane Burns


Nature All Around: Trees

Pamela Hickman and Carolyn Gavin


Strange Trees: And the Stories Behind Them

Bernadette Pourquie and Cecile Gambini


Who Needs a Forest Fire?

Paula Henson, Emily Underwood, et al.



Mary a Livingston and Tim Livingston


A Log's Life

Wendy Pfeffer and Robin Brickman