History - United States - 19th Century

Cowboys and Cowgirls: Yippee-Yay!

Gail Gibbons


You Wouldn't Want to Live in a Wild West Town! (Revised...

Peter Hicks and David Antram


Lincoln's Grave Robbers

Steve Sheinkin


Tooth and Claw: The Dinosaur Wars

Deborah Noyes


Abe's Honest Words: The Life of Abraham Lincoln

Doreen Rappaport and Kadir Nelson


Who Settled the West?

Bobbie Kalman


The Mexican-American War

Nick Rebman


Andrew Jackson: Young Patriot

George E. Stanley and Meryl Henderson


Thomas Jefferson: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Everything

Maira Kalman and Maira Kalman


The Lewis and Clark Expedition

John Perritano


Life in the West

Teresa Domnauer


The Oregon Trail

Mel Friedman


Nat Turner's Rebellion

Shawn Pryor and Silvio Db


Alamo Tree

Tana S. Holmes and Mahfuja Selim


Fiery Night: A Boy, His Goat, and the Great Chicago Fire

Sally M. Walker and Kayla Harren


Immigration Through Ellis Island

Christopher Forest


Louisiana Purchase

Christopher Forest


Texas Revolution

Christopher Forest


Kate's Light: Kate Walker at Robbins Reef Lighthouse

Elizabeth Spires and Emily Arnold McCully