History - United States - 19th Century

Industrial Revolution Reference Library 3 Volset and Index

Tony Zurlo and James L Outman


Gunfight at the Ok Corral

Scott Waldman


The Assassination of William McKinley

Antoine Wilson


Viewpoints on the Underground Railroad

Kristin J. Russo


James Bowie

Katlin Sarantou and Jeff Bane


Grandma's Story: The Singing Mouse

Angela M Foster


The Boom Towns

Rob Staeger


Reconstruction Era Reference Library

Ann E. Burg and Lawrence W. Baker


The Civil War: 1860-1865

Christopher Collier Collier


The Jeffersonian Republicans: 1800-1823

Christopher Collier Collier


Texas and the Far West

Rebecca Stefoff


The Civil War and Emancipation

James A Corrick


Que Fue La Fiebre del Oro? (Bound for Schools & Libraries)

Joan Holub and Tim Tomkinson