History - United States - 19th Century

Questions and Answers about the Alamo

Dwayne Hicks


Questions and Answers about the Gold Rush

Brianna Battista


The Industrial Revolution in United States History

Anita Louise McCormick


La Fiebre del Oro

Kate Shoup


Life as a Mississippi Riverboat Captain

Laura L. Sullivan


Lewis y Clark y La Compra de la Luisiana

Alicia Klepeis


The Incredible Transcontinental Railroad

R Conrad Stein


Pioneering Women

Jeff Savage


Progressive Movement Big Bk

Janey Levy


The Great Leap Westward

Katelyn Rice


Life Tracks: Memories of the 1800s and Beyond

Myrtle James Stump and Rhonda Rein


The Rise of Industry Lib/E: 1860-1900

James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier


Captains of American Industry Flashcharts

Aileen Weintraub


Manifest Destiny: Westward Expansion

Shane Mountjoy


The Alamo: The Battle for Texas

Shane Mountjoy


Industrial Revolution Reference Library 3 Volset and Index

Tony Zurlo and James L Outman