History - United States - 19th Century

Civil War: 1856-1865

Jack Zayarny


El Lema

Aaron Carr


The Trail of Tears: A Journey of Loss

Kristen Rajczak Nelson


A Visual Dictionary of Victorian Life

Bobbie Kalman


Radical Republicans

John Perritano


Major Battles of the War of 1812

Gordon Clarke


Taming the West

Darren Sechrist


The Legend of the Alamo

Roy Sorrels


Go West! 6-Book Set

Teacher Created Materials



Lee Fitzgerald


Wagon Trains Heading West

Rachel Stuckey


The Assassination of James A. Garfield

Robert Kingsbury


Abram Berry-A North Dakota Legend

Doreen Berry Frost


Hold the Flag High: The True Story of the First Black Medal...

Catherine Clinton and Shane W. Evans


Lewis and Clark

Carol Parenzan Smalley