History - United States - 19th Century

Oregon Trail

Virginia Loh-Hagan


The Wild West


Go West! 6-Book Set

Teacher Created Materials



Lee Fitzgerald


Wagon Trains Heading West

Rachel Stuckey


The Louisiana Purchase

Jon Zurn


Fort McHenry

Charles W Maynard


California's Gold Rush

Robert Grayson


Townspeople and Ranchers of the California Mission Frontier

Jack S Williams and Thomas L. Davis


The Gold Rush: California or Bust!

Emily Raabe


Major Battles of the War of 1812

Gordon Clarke


Radical Republicans

John Perritano


Taming the West

Darren Sechrist


12 Questions about the Indian Removal Act

Tracey E. Dils


Lorenzo de Zavala

Kathy Tracy and Kathleen Tracy


The Legend of the Alamo

Roy Sorrels


Native American Resistance

Zachary Deibel


California Gold Rush

Sheila Rivera



Alan Pierce


The Crisis of the Union 1815-1865

George E. Stanley