History - Exploration & Discovery Books

An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz


Before Columbus: The Americas of 1491

Charles C. Mann


Shackleton's Journey

William Grill


Maps and Geography

Ken Jennings and Mike Lowery



Sangma Francis and Lisk Feng


Ferdinand Magellan (the First Names Series)

Candy Gourlay and Tom Knight


Reaching for the Moon

Buzz Aldrin and Wendell Minor


Packing for Mars for Kids

Mary Roach


Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs Pop-Up

Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda


History Smashers: The Mayflower

Kate Messner and Dylan Meconis


Tales of Ancient Worlds: Adventures in Archaeology

Neon Squid, Stefan Milosavljevich, et al.


Amazing Space

Nypl and Campbell


Timelines of Everything



Seaman's Journal: On the Trail with Lewis and Clark

Patricia Reeder Eubank


Who Was Ponce de León?

Pam Pollack, Who Hq, et al.


Amelia Earhart Is on the Moon?

Dan Gutman


Footprints on the Moon

Alexandra Siy


What Was the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

Judith St George, Who Hq, et al.