History - Asia

China Since World War II

Michael V Uschan


The Taj Mahal Notebook

Wild Pages Press


Disaster in the Indian Ocean: Tsunami 2004

John Albert Torres


Wow! Ancient China!

Elke Sundermann


Look! Ancient India!

Elke Sundermann


Discover Ancient China

Neil D Bramwell




The Nanjing Massacre

Angie Timmons


Mahatma Gandhi and India's Independence

Ann Malaspina


Trade Routes to India

Bridget Heing



Natalie Hyde


Ancient Egyptian Technology

Leigh Rockwood



Heidi Gill and Kris Carter



Jennifer L. Hanson


Great Wall of China

Elizabeth Raum


At Home in Her Tomb: Lady Dai and the Ancient Chinese...

Christine Liu-Perkins and Sarah S. Brannen