History - Asia

Focus on China

Nicola Barber and Ali Brownlie Bojang


Discover Ancient China

Neil D Bramwell


Discover China: Level 2 Reader

Katrina Streza




Mahatma Gandhi and India's Independence

Ann Malaspina


Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Lynn Peppas


The Indian Independence Act of 1947

Susan Muaddi Darraj and Susan M. Darraj


Let's Explore India

Walt K. Moon


Three Gorges Dam

Earle Rice


The Civilization of Ancient Egypt

Delia Pemberton


Taj Mahal: A Story of Love and Empire

Alan Witschonke and Elizabeth Mann


Look! Ancient Japan!

Elke Sundermann


Himeji Castle: Japan's Samurai Past

Jacqueline A Ball


Great Wall of China

Elizabeth Raum


At Home in Her Tomb: Lady Dai and the Ancient Chinese...

Christine Liu-Perkins and Sarah S. Brannen



Martha London


The Shang Dynasty

Kirsty Holmes