Health & Daily Living - Safety

My Body! What I Say Goes!: Teach children body safety,...

Jayneen Sanders and Anna Hancock


Only For Me

Michelle Derrig


Ultimate Survival Guide for Kids

Rob Colson


Magic Tree House Survival Guide

Mary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope Boyce, et al.


What Are Tornadoes?

Mari Schuh


Reggie the Hedgehog Builds a Safety Sanctuary

McKenzie Hensen and Jayden Ellsworth


No Means No!: Teaching personal boundaries, consent;...

Jayneen Sanders and Cherie Zamazing


Your Body Belongs to You

Cornelia Maude Spelman and Teri Weidner


It's My Body: A Book to Teach Young Children How to Resist...

Lory Freeman and Carol Deach


What If a Stranger Approaches You?

Anara Guard and Colleen Madden


My Body Belongs to Me from My Head to My Toes

Dagmar Geisler


Why a Mask You Ask?: A Children's Book about the COVID-19...

Erica Argos and Kelly Argos


My Body Belongs to Me / Mi Cuerpo Me Pertenece: A Book about...

Jill Starishevsky and Angela PadrΓ³n


Germs Up Close

Sara Levine


#Metoo and You: Everything You Need to Know about Consent,...

Halley Bondy and Timothy Corbett


Ultimate Spotlight: Firefighters

Anne-Sophie Baumann and Benjamin Becue


I Read Signs

Tana Hoban


I Can Be Safe: A First Look at Safety

Pat Thomas and Lesley Harker


Staying Safe on the School Bus

Lucia Raatma


Thank You, Helpers: Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Grocery...

Patricia Hegarty and Michael Emmerson