Foreign Language Study - French

Numbers, Shapes and Colors - English to Spanish Flash Card...

Flashcard Books and Spanish Bilingual Books


Cambridge Igcse(tm) French as a Foreign Language Coursebook...

Danièle Bourdais and Geneviève Talon


Oui Love Cuisine: An English/French Bilingual Picture Book

Ethan Safron and Oui Love Books


L'Automne: Autumn

Mandie Davis and Marigold Plunkett


Les hiboux opposés: The Opposite Owls

Mandie Davis and Alain Blancbec


Arty et les insectes - Insect Workbook: Bilingual English /...

Mandie Davis and Agatha O'Neill


Music/La Musique

Milet Publishing


Pull the Tab: My First Words in French: Mes Premiers Mots En...

Sally Delaney and Rebecca Elliot


Les Quatre Saisons de Monet: Impressions of the Four Seasons

Oui Love Books and Claude Monet


J'aime manger des fruits et des legumes: I Love to Eat Fruits...

Shelley Admont and Kidkiddos Books


J'aime Ma Maman (French language children's book): I Love My...

Kidkiddos Books and Shelley Admont


J'aime Ma Maman: I Love My Mom (French Edition)

Shelley Admont and Kidkiddos Books





Dylan's Birthday Present/Le cadeau d'anniversaire de Dylan:...

Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos


J'aime aider les autres I Love to Help: French English...

Shelley Admont and Kidkiddos Books


Shapes at School/Les formes a`l'e`cole

Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier and Mary Birdsell


Georges Le Poisson Rouge / George the Goldfish

Lone Morton and Leighton Noyes


Friends at School/ Les amis a` l'e`cole

Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier and Mary Birdsell