Foreign Language Study - French

Suomi-Ranska Kiusaaminen/Problème Lasten kaksikielinen kuvakirja

Richard Carlson and Suzanne Carlson


Suomi-Ranska Aika/Le temps Lasten kaksikielinen kuvakirja

Richard Carlson and Suzanne Carlson


Arty en Safari: Arty on Safari

Mandie Davis and Agatha O'Neill


My French School: Mon École Francaise

Olivia Rosewood


Rencontres Sur Le Mississipi, 1682-1763

Gail Alexander Buzhardt and Margaret Hawthorne


Italiano-Francese Mi sento ferito/On a blessé mes sentiments...

Richard Carlson and Suzanne Carlson


Italiano-Francese Attrezzi/Outils Dizionario Bilingue...

Richard Carlson Jr and Suzanne Carlson


The Valentine Children's Summer Adventures

Dianne Sibeal Donahoe


Lucy Cat at the Beach/Lucie Chat a la Plage

Catherine Bruzzone and Clare Beaton


More French for Little Girls

Yvonne Crawford


Oui Love Numbers: An English/French Bilingual Counting Book

Oui Love Books and Ethan Safron


Habille-Toi, Robbie / Get Dressed, Robbie

Lone Morton and Anna C. Leplar


Colors de la Runway

Clarence Ruth


J'adore Partager: I Love to Share - French edition

Shelley Admont and Kidkiddos Books


My First Big Book of Bilingual Coloring French

Little Bee Books