People & Places - United States - Hispanic/Latino

My Garden/ Mi Jardin

Rebecca Emberley


I Am Latino: The Beauty in Me

Sandra L Pinkney and Myles C Pinkney


Cultural Traditions in Brazil

Molly Aloian


Love to Mama: A Tribute to Mothers

Pat Mora and Paula Barragán


Children Working the Fields

Anita Yasuda


Dolores Huerta: Get to Know the Voice of Migrant Workers

Robert Liu-Trujillo


Iguales Pero Diferentes

Calida Garcia Rawles


When Cesar Chavez Climbed the Umbrella Tree

Rachael Hanel and Alex Herrerias


Hispanic Heritage Coloring Book

Carole Marsh


Latino Minnesota

Leigh Roethke


Una Jornada Hacia La Esperanza: A Journey Toward Hope,...

Coert Voorhees, Victor Hinojosa, et al.


Pancho Power

Roselyn Kasmire


I Am Olga, The First Latina Jet Fighter Pilot

José Angel Gutiérrez


That Girl on TV Could Be Me!: The Journey of a Latina News...

Leticia Ordaz and Juan Calle


Day of the Dead

Lori Dittmer


Latinitas: Celebrating 40 Big Dreamers

Juliet Menéndez