Concepts - Sounds

Father Goose: Animal Rhymes

Charles Ghigna and Ellen Stubbings


El Sonido (Sound)

Grace Hansen


Aa is for Alpacas

Sue Carolane


Sound Effects Artist

Virginia Loh-Hagan


On the Road with Rose and Bose

Suzanne I. Barchers


Main Street Game Day

Suzanne I. Barchers


Main Street Block Party

Suzanne I. Barchers



Lauren Farnsworth


Snap Snap Woof Woof

Jolie Dobson


Ring Ring Pop Pop

Jolie Dobson


The Illustrated Phonics Booklet

E Jennifer Monaghan and Virginia Cantarella


My Dynamic Morning

Tanya Tyrell- Stevenson


Buzzing Breath

Karen Latchana Kenney and Joshua Heinsz


Striking Sounds

Karen Latchana Kenney and Joshua Heinsz


The Physics of Music

Karen Kenney and Joshua Heinsz


El Sonido: Fuerte, Suave, Alto Y Bajo

Natalie M. Rosinsky and Matthew John


Flip Flap Snap! Farm

Carmen Saldaña


Sounds All Around: The Science of How Sound Works

Susan Hughes and Ellen Rooney


On the Move: Up in the Air

Roger Priddy


100 Words on the Go (Book & Downloadable App!)

Little Grasshopper Books