Computers - Coding & Programming

Scratchjr Coding Cards: Creative Coding Activities

Amanda Sullivan and Marina Umaschi Bers


Controlling an Ozobot

Amber Lovett


Video Games: Design and Code Your Own Adventure

Kathy Ceceri and Mike Crosier


Technology: Cool Women Who Code

Andi Diehn


Big Data: Information in the Digital World with Science...

Carla Mooney and Alexis Cornell


Coding from Scratch

Rachel Ziter


The Basics of Game Design

Heather E. Schwartz


Gabi's If/Then Garden

Caroline Karanja and Ben Whitehouse


Bugs and Errors with Wreck-It Ralph

Allyssa Loya


Coding at the Zoo

Kristin Fontichiaro and Colleen Van Lent


Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Debates

Tracy Abell


Robots and Artificial Intelligence

Nancy Dickmann


Bot Battles

Lola Schaefer


Human-Like Robots

Lola Schaefer


Robots on the Job

Lola Schaefer


20-Minute (or Less) Meme Hacks

Sheela Preuitt


The Case of the Lost Robot

William Anthony



Colin Price and Ruth Price-Mohr