Computers - Coding & Programming

Super Scratch Programming Adventure! (Scratch 3)

The Lead Project


Coding with Basher: Coding with Scratch

The Coder School and Simon Basher


Code This Game!: Make Your Game Using Python, Then Break Your...

Odd Dot, Meg Ray, et al.


The Official Scratchjr Book: Help Your Kids Learn to Code

Mitchel Resnick and Marina Umaschi Bers


Coding for Kids 3: Create Your Own App with App Inventor

Monica Oriani Cauduro


Coding in Your School

Elizabeth Noll


Computer Decoder: Dorothy Vaughan, Computer Scientist

Andi Diehn and Katie Mazeika


Ada Lovelace

Ben Jeapes and Nick Ward


C++ for Kids

Sterling Children's


Coding for Kids in Easy Steps

Mike McGrath


Dkfindout! Coding



DK Readers L2: Story of Coding

James Floyd Kelly


Coding Games in Python



Top Secret: Crypto

D. C. London