Biography & Autobiography - LGBT

Identity: A Story of Transitioning

Corey Maison and Ahmara Smith


Queer Heroes: Meet 53 Lgbtq Heroes from Past and Present!

Arabelle Sicardi and Sarah Tanat-Jones


Alan Turing

Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara and Ashling Lindsay


Ellen DeGeneres

Little Bee Books and Victoria Grace Elliott


Born in 1930: Harvey Milk and Dolores Huerta

Julie Knutson


Rainbow Revolutionaries: Fifty LGBTQ+ People Who Made History

Sarah Prager and Sarah Papworth


The Fighting Infantryman: The Story of Albert D. J. Cashier,...

Rob Sanders and Nabi Ali


Who Was Harvey Milk?

Corinne A. Grinapol, Who Hq, et al.


Megan Rapinoe

John Bankston


Harvey Milk

Little Bee Books and Victoria Grace Elliott


March with Marsha

Katie Hall and Jones V. Veronica


True You Super You: Living True to You is Your Superpower

Audrey Nesbitt and Aj Nesbitt