Biography & Autobiography - Music

Becoming Billie Holiday

Carole Boston Weatherford and Floyd Cooper


The Music in George's Head: George Gershwin Creates Rhapsody...

Suzanne Slade and Stacy Innerst


A$ap Rocky: Master Collaborator

Judy Dodge Cummings


Exo. K-Pop Superstars

Adrian Besley


Ella Fitzgerald

Isabel Munoz


John Philip Sousa (Revised Edition) (Getting to Know the...

Mike Venezia and Mike Venezia


The Beatles

Judy Dodge Cummings


Janis Joplin: Rise Up Singing

Ann Angel


Camila Cabello

Kenny Abdo


Cardi B: Rapper and Online Star

Terri Kaye Duncan


Frankie Liked to Sing

John Seven and Jana Christy


Ariana Grande: Pop Star

Rita Santos


Michael Jackson

K. C. Kelley


Led Zeppelin

Laura K. Murray


Once Upon A Time In Liverpool

Judith Kristen and Eric Cash


Blue Grass Boy: The Story of Bill Monroe, Father of Bluegrass...

Barb Rosenstock and Edwin Fotheringham


Taylor Swift

Heather E. Schwartz


Play, Louis, Play!: The True Story of a Boy and His Horn

Muriel Harris Weinstein and Frank Morrison


Emmanuel Kelly - ยกsueรฑa a Lo Grande! (Emmanuel Kelly - Dream...

Mamen Sรกnchez and Zuzanna Celej


Lady Gaga

C. F. Earl