Biography & Autobiography - Music

Brett Eldridge

Tammy Gagne



C. F. Earl


David Archuleta

Chuck Bednar


The Doors

Rae Simons


Carrie Underwood

Marika Jeffery


The Game

Lindsey Sanna


Sean "Diddy" Combs

Z B Hill


David Cook

Gail Snyder


Dr. Dre

C. F. Earl


Aretha Franklin: The Queen of Soul

Samuel Willard Crompton and Charlotte Etinde-Crompton


Tony Loved to Learn

Nancy Ida Sanders, Sharon Kay Riddle, et al.


Diamond in the Sky: A Suzuki Biography

Shinichi Suzuki and Jerlene Cannon


Ray Charles: Young Musician

Susan Sloate and Meryl Henderson


Itzhak (Pj Library Edition): A Boy Who Loved the Violin

Tracy Newman and Abigail Halpin


Manos Que Bailan (Dancing Hands): Cómo Teresa Carreño Tocó El...

Margarita Engle and Rafael López


Stevie Wonder

Mark Beyer


Beach Boys

Mark Holcomb


Carrie Underwood

Kylie Burns



Ethan Schlesinger


Bono: Fighting World Hunger and Poverty

Mary-Lane Kamberg