Biography & Autobiography - Music

Future: Rap Rising Star

Melissa Higgins


Camila Cabello

Katie Lajiness


Camila Cabello

Joanne Mattern


Hey, Let's Make a Band!: The Official 5SOS Book

5. Seconds of Summer


Mozart: Gift of God



Justin Bieber

Katie Lajiness


Pharrell Williams: Music Star

Katie Lajiness


Taylor Swift: Music Icon

Tyler Omoth


Madonna: Fighting for Self-Expression

Carol Gnojewski


Adele: Music Sensation

Jeanne Marie Ford


Beethoven's Heroic Symphony

Anna Harwell Celenza and Joann E. Kitchel


A Song for Cambodia

Michelle Lord and Shino Arihara


Riker Lynch: Famous Entertainer

Katie Lajiness


Nick Jonas: Singing Sensation

Katie Lajiness


Katy Perry

C. F. Earl


Yo-Yo Ma

Stephanie Cham


Stand Up and Sing!: Pete Seeger, Folk Music, and the Path to...

Susanna Reich and Adam Gustavson


That's a Rap

Travis Thrasher and Mattyb


Dancing Hands: How Teresa Carreรฑo Played the Piano for...

Margarita Engle and Rafael Lรณpez


Stevie Wonder

Katlin Sarantou and Jeff Bane