Animals - Endangered

Wild City: Meet the Animals Who Share Our City Spaces

Ben Hoare and Lucy Rose


Walk This Wild World

Kate Baker and Sam Brewster


Funny Butts, Freaky Beaks: And Other Incredible Creature...

Alex Morss and Sean Taylor


Our World Out of Balance: Understanding Climate Change and...

Andrea Minoglio and Laura Fanelli


Discover India

Victoria Marcos


How Diablo Became Spirit: How To Connect With Animals And...

Andrew Sam Newman and Alexis Aronson


Let's Save Our Planet: Forests: Discover the Facts. Be...

Jess French and Alexander Mostov


If Sharks Disappeared

Lily Williams


Pandas and Other Endangered Species: A Nonfiction Companion...

Mary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope Boyce, et al.


The Lion Queens of India

Jan Reynolds


Adelita, a Sea Turtle's Journey

Jenny Goebel and Ana Miminoshvili


Wisdom, the Midway Albatross: Surviving the Japanese Tsunami...

Darcy Pattison and Kitty Harvill


Don't Let Them Disappear

Chelsea Clinton and Gianna Marino


Marshes & Swamps (New & Updated Edition)

Gail Gibbons


Sea Otters: A Survival Story

Isabelle Groc



Joyce Markovics


Fiona's Friends

John Hutton


Lions & Cheetahs & Rhinos Oh My!: Animal Artwork by Children...

Moira Rose Donohue, John Platt, et al.


50 Reasons to Love Animals

Catherine Barr and Hanako Clulow


Tiger Time

Kama Einhorn


Counting Birds: The Idea That Helped Save Our Feathered Friends

Heidi E. y. Stemple and Clover Robin


Adventures of a Pangopup

Terri Tatchell and Ivan Sulima