Topic - History Books

A Haunted Road Atlas: Sinister Stops, Dangerous Destinations,...

Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz


On This Day in History Sh!t Went Down

James Fell


Roctogenarians: Late in Life Debuts, Comebacks, and Triumphs

Jonathan Greenberg and Mo Rocca


Men to Avoid in Art and Life

Nicole Tersigni


The Rest Is History: From Ancient Rome to Ronald...

Goalhanger Podcasts


Museum Bums: A Cheeky Look at Butts in Art

Jack Shoulder and Mark Small


Unbecoming a Lady: The Forgotten Sluts and Shrews Who Shaped...

Therese Oneill and Lisa Jonté


The History of Sketch Comedy: A Journey Through the Art and...

Elle Key and Keegan-Michael Key


An Atlas of Extinct Countries

Gideon Defoe


Hitler's I'm Kamp

Bob Prophette


Cunk on Everything: The Encyclopedia Philomena

Philomena Cunk


...and Then You Die of Dysentery: Lessons in Adulting from...

Lauren Reeves and Jude Buffum


The Last Book on the Left: Stories of Murder and Mayhem from...

Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, et al.


The History of England

Jane Austen