Form - Puns & Wordplay

A Dragon Walks Into a Bar: An RPG Joke Book

Jon Taylor and Jef Aldrich


Uncle John's Truth, Trivia, and the Pursuit of Factiness...

Bathroom Readers' Institute


Avocuddle: Comfort Words for When You're Feeling Downbeet

Dillon And Kale Sprouts


Have a Little Pun: 16 Notecards and Envelopes

Frida Clements


Dad Jokes Holiday Edition: Yule Love Them!

Jimmy Niro


Speed Bump: A 25th Anniversary Collection

Dave Coverly


The Illustrated Compendium of Weirdly Specific Words:...

Tyler Vendetti and Rebecca Pry


I Am Grapeful: All the Good Thymes I Want to Thank You for

Dillon And Kale Sprouts


Fart Dictionary

Scott A. Sorensen


Potty Humor: Jokes That Should Stink, But Don't

Brian Boone


Thinklers! 4: Full-Color Brain Ticklers

Kevin Brougher


Sesame Street Magnetic Refrigerator Pad

Sesame Workshop